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simplicity & efficiency.
Built for modern life.
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none of the baggage.
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Hi! We're Nolii.

We design smarter forms of everyday tech to help you do more of the things that matter.

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Designed for Life

Nolii Ourprocess Solve
We Solve
Our design team start each day with real world problems in mind…
Nolii Ourprocess Simplify
We Simplify
…working until each Nolii product is smarter and more efficient…
Nolii Ourprocess Improve
We Improve
…freeing you up to do more of the things that matter.

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We’re two days into our official launch at @thedesignjunction @l_d_f_official! Who’s planning on visiting us over the weekend? . Don’t forget to head to weareno​lii​.com to pre-order from our initial collection. Get 20% off with the code WEB20!
With one day to go until the start of @thedesignjunction, our flagship range of life-enhancing tech is looking in tip top form. Come along to explore the Nolii ecosystem for yourself, order from our launch collection, and chat to us about how we can help you with your everyday tech woes! See you at @L_D_F_official from the 20th-23rd of September.
Small on stature, big on power; Little Stack is a super-slender power lender for your iPhone. Its streamlined design makes Little Stack a dream to travel with without compromising on speed or efficiency. Stay in charge at @thedesignjunction from the 20th-23rd of September.
The pairable powerhouse for whatever life throws at you. Combine Little Stack and Big Stack and unlock up to 25,000mAh of power; enough to charge your laptop and multiple other devices at once. Come along to @thedesignjunction from the 20th-23rd of September to get a taste of life with Super Stack.
Couple Battery is a fast-charge portable power bank that attaches to your Couple Case. Join us on our mission of living a more efficient and mobile life next week at @thedesignjunction from the 20th-23rd September.
Whether it’s a quick-fix power boost or a locator of lost keys, Keep’s got your back. With an integrated audio response function, it will be hard to miss us at @thedesignjunction from the 20th-23rd September.
Packable, pairable, powerful. Set is an intuitive power solution for charging at home or on the move. Take a power trip down to @thedesignjunction from the 20th-23rd September and explore our full product range for yourself.
The fast-charging, flat-pack plug. With a dual charging point, Fold allows you to charge both yours and your other half’s device at once. Save the date and join us at @thedesignjunction from the 20th-23rd September to see it for yourself.
All bend, no snap. That’s what Bundle’s all about, and thanks to Bundle Base it’ll stay right where we left it at @thedesignjunction from the 20th-23rd September.
With just over a week to go, we’re preparing the last few bits and pieces for our launch at London Design Festival. Here’s a sneak peek of our stand, in full Nolii colour. Pop down for a chat, a charge and to experience the Nolii flagship range for yourself at @thedesignjunction from 20th-23rd September.
We’re always designing smarter forms of tech to simplify your everyday. Join us at @thedesignjunction @l_d_f_official this September 20th to explore our whole range of life-enhancing products. You won’t regret it.
Need a better wake up routine? How about a simpler way to plan your day? Rise has you covered. . We’ll be giving visitors to our @thedesignjunction stand a sneak preview of our smart lamp concept from the 20 – 23rd September. Don’t miss out!
Charge smarter, shine brighter. Rise is a smart lamp concept designed to keep you connected and at the top of your game each and every day. . See Rise for yourself at our @thedesignjunction stand from the 20th-23rd September 2018.
We’re always looking for new ways to simplify and improve the everyday. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Rise, a smart lamp concept designed to help you shine brighter. It’s one of a collection of new innovations currently in development, and we’ll be giving visitors to our @thedesignjunction stand a sneak peek of Rise, and revealing a bit more detail here in the meantime. Stay tuned!
Designed for simplicity and efficiency. Built for modern life. . We can’t wait to share our whole range of life-enhancing tech products with you this month at @thedesignjunction @l_d_f_official. Who’s coming to celebrate with us on the 20th September?
For low batteries and lost keys. Keep uses Bluetooth to connect to the Nolii app, allowing you to track its location from your phone. You can even turn the tables and activate your lost phone using Keep’s capacitive button. Simple.
Keep is perfect for quick power boosts when you need them most. Simply charge Keep from your laptop or power supply with its integrated USB-C cable and you’re good to go. You can forget about tangling with additional cables too — Keep’s integrated Lightning cable is all you need to stay topped up when you’re out and about.
Keep is a pocket-sized power bank for low batteries and lost keys. It packs enough power to charge your phone up to 50% via an integrated Lightning cable. Plus, built in Bluetooth lets you track Keep from the Nolii app, or vice versa.
We’re counting down the days to our launch at @thedesignjunction @l_d_f_official where we’ll be showcasing our entire range of life-enhancing tech. There’ll even be a sneak preview of some upcoming innovations 👀 Who’s coming to see us?
Need a plus one? Fold has you covered with dual fast-charging USB-A outputs. Keep multiple devices topped up at all times, or score brownie points with friends in need. . . . Fold will be available online and at London Design Festival from the 20th of September 2018.
Fold is the flat pack plug with a plus one. Folding pins make it the perfect travel companion, while Fold’s dual USB-A outputs give you extra options for keeping your devices in the green. 🔋 . . . Fold will be available online and at London Design Festival from the 20th September 2018.
We dropped into @ziferblatlondon to discover what it takes to build a thriving, grass-roots creative community in a city known for its intimidating scale and pace of life. It’s a blend of found furniture, DIY food and drink, and something called a Death Café’ — all billed by the minute. Curious? Follow the link in our bio to learn more!
Couple Battery attaches to Couple Case using an integrated smart lock, meaning you’ll always be connected and protected. Whether booking a cab, taking a call or exploring a new city, Couple Battery ensures that you’ll always have plenty of power to do your thing. . . . Couple Battery will be available online and at @l_d_f_official @thedesignjunction from 20th September 2017.
Couple Battery lets you live life lighter. Once locked onto Couple Case, you can charge your iPhone with its integrated Lightning cable. Couple Battery also comes in Wireless, allowing you to charge any wireless-enabled phones with a simple clip and click. So no matter what you’re doing, you’ll always have a hand free and a battery full.

Our Promise

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Guarantee & Trial
We’re confident in our products’ ability to deliver outstanding performance and withstand the pressures of daily use. That’s why we offer a one year guarantee when you register your Nolii products upon purchase.
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Free Shipping & Returns
We offer free delivery and returns on all items purchased from the store. There are no hidden fees to speak of, and what you see is what you get.
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Customer Service
Need help choosing a product, have questions about deliveries, or just want to chat? We’re here to help.

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