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Launching Nolii: From Sneak Preview to 64 Product SKUs in 12 Months

Last year we revealed our flagship range of life-enhancing tech products at London Design Festival, this year we’re returning to launch Nolii to the world.

A lot can happen in 12 months.

The healthier among us eat 365 apples, El Niño and La Niña enjoy another oscillation across the Pacific, and those with newborns go from measuring their babies’ ages in months to still measuring their babies’ ages in months.

Well, we’ve got a baby of our own. We call it Nolii and it’s going to make your life a whole lot easier very soon.

This September, in fact, when we return to London Design Festival for designjunction and launch our flagship range of life-enhancing tech to the world in full technicolour. We’re excited, and hopefully you are too.

Just 12 months ago we gave the crowds at LDF 2017 a sneak preview of our upcoming collection, and since then we’ve received a huge amount of support and encouragement. It makes our return to LDF this year even more special, and we’re thankful to everyone who’s lent a helping hand in bringing this dream to life.

But as much as it’s been a joy seeing our products develop, we’ve also had some “challenges” (in classic #startup fashion) as we’ve pushed the boundaries of product design, technical engineering and our own sanity to ensure our products are as multi-functional and intuitive as you need them to be.

It’s definitely a labour of love, and to mark this milestone we’re looking back on an amazing year with 10 figures which sum it all up. Well, not all of it…

  • 1 car stolen with all the prototypes in the back — Thank goodness for TFL.
  • 3 times we’ve dragged our desks to a new office — Lift with your legs. 1, 2, 3!
  • 8 hold ups in customs with bag-fulls of prototypes — It wasn’t me.
  • 12 factory and supplier visits to Hong Kong — Very loud, very exciting.
  • 20 investor presentations — Deep breaths…
  • 30 factories who said it wasn’t possible — We showed them, huh?
  • 56 retail and distributor meetings — Coming soon to a store near you!
  • 78 Apple MFi applications — Sticklers for detail, apparently…
  • 96 shisha pipes smoked — Our co-founder Asad can’t walk past them.
  • 300 rounds of product prototyping — Yikes!

Gosh, we’re having flashbacks just writing this!

It really has been a mammoth year and we haven’t got any plans to slow down. Our appearance at London Design Festival in September will see us launch nine flagship products (64 SKUs in total!), bringing a new level of intuition to the technology you use every day. We’ll even be giving an exclusive look at some upcoming innovations…

Want to know more?

Follow us on Instagram as we give you the full run down on each of our flagship products — what they are, what they do, and (most importantly) how they can simplify and improve your life.

Because a lot can happen in 12 months. And with Nolii, you’ll be able to do even more.


The Nolii Team

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