A phone case as versatile as you

Couple 2
The Case For Every Case

Couple is a smart phone case system which allows you to stay connected and protected, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

The heart of the system is Couple Case, a soft-touch protective phone case with a Couple Smart Clip in the centre, allowing it to be paired with a range of lifestyle accessories.

Couple 1
Live Life Lighter

Couple Case also comes with Couple Wallet, a pocket-thinning soft-touch card holder with an easy-access thumb slide.

Its slim profile and space for up to three cards ensures you’re travelling light with nothing but the essentials.

Couple Connects

Couple Battery
Stay in charge with Couple Battery, a portable, fast-charge power bank with an integrated Lightning cable.
Couple Arm Band — COMING SOON
Whether you’re hitting the gym or pounding the pavement, go hands-free with Couple Armband.
Couple Bike Dock — COMING SOON
Off-road or on, Couple Bike Dock is a robust solution for mounting your phone to your handlebars.
Couple Car Dock — COMING SOON
Drive safe with Couple Car Dock for simple, secure dashboard mounting.

Tech Specs

Case Options:
iPhone X / XS / 8+ / 8 / 7+ / 7
Samsung S9 / S9+ - COMING SOON
iPhone X / XS - Xmm
8+ / 7+ - 162mm x 83mm x 2mm
8 / 7 - 141mm x 73mm x 2mm
iPhone X / XS - Xg
8+ / 7+ - 35g
8 / 7 - 25g
Couple Case - PC core, over moulded silicone, microfibre lining
Couple Wallet - PC, over moulded silicone
More Information:
Accessory Specifications:
Couple Armband - COMING SOON
Couple Car Dock - COMING SOON
Couple Bike Dock - COMING SOON

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