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Couple Battery

A fast-charge portable power bank, designed to stop you feeling low

Couple 6
The Be-More-Mobile Charger

Couple Battery is a fast-charge portable power bank with integrated Lightning cable and Couple Smart Clip for pairing with Couple Case.

Whether you’re booking a cab, making an important call or finding your way around a new city, Couple Battery can keep you in charge with an additional 1.5 iPhones-worth of power.

Couple Battery Live Life Lighter
Live Life Lighter

Couple Battery weighs only 85g, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Attaching Couple Battery to Couple Case means you’ll always have a hand free, and the integrated Lightning cable means no more loose cables or knotty nightmares.

Couple 5
MFi Certified

Couple Battery is MFi certified so you can trust in its superior performance with all Lightning-equipped Apple products.

Tech Specs

MFi certified and compatible with all Lightning-equipped Apple products.
112mm x 66mm x 10.5mm (thickness with lock 12.9mm)
Couple Battery - 85g
Couple Case & Battery - 110g / 119g
Couple Case: PC core, over moulded silicone rubber, microfibre
Couple Battery: speckled soft touch finish, PC, TPU cord, LED
Charging Input - USB-C (5V / 1A)
Output - Lightning (5V / 1A)
Capacity - 3.7V / 3,000mAh, 11.1Wh
Additional Specifications:
Couple Armband - COMING SOON
Couple Car Dock - COMING SOON
Couple Bike Dock - COMING SOON
More Information:

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