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The pairable powerhouse for whatever life throws at you

Stack 5
The Ultimate Power Couple

Super Stack includes two separate power banks which can be magnetically paired to unlock up to 1.7 MacBooks worth of power.

Little Stack is a super slim wireless charger for charging phones and other devices at home or on the move.

Big Stack is a portable power bank with USB-C and dual USB-A ports for charging your laptop and two other devices at once.

Stack 3
For Roaming Or At-Homing

When connected to mains power, Super Stack will through-charge all your devices before automatically recharging itself.

Taken on the road, Super Stack gives you hours of plug-free power so you won’t need to waste time searching out hidden power sockets.

Plus, Super Stack is air travel safe, though like any power bank it is best taken with you in your carry on baggage.

Stack 6
Fast-Charging with a Lighter Side

With 7.5 watts of fast-charge wireless charging, Little Stack is the perfect solution for when you need high power with a low profile.

It’s the perfect size for slipping into small bags and pockets, and can charge up to two wireless devices at once.

Stack 4
Stay in Charge

Super Stack can be charged from your laptop using the USB-C cable (included), or with your existing USB-C adaptor.

Life with Stack

Stack 5
Pair Up
Big Stack and Little Stack can be magnetically paired to unlock up to 25,000 mAh of power. It’s the perfect power hub for desks or your favourite café table.
Stack 3
Use Big Stack separately for multi-device through-charging while connected to mains power, or as a dynamic portable power bank.
Stack 6
Wireless Charge
Little Stack can be separated and used as a standalone wireless charger for compatible devices. Alternatively, use the two-way USB-C port to charge other devices with a USB-C cable.

Super Stack Charges

Use Little Stack to wirelessly charge compatible phones, or Big Stack to charge via USB cable.
Use Big Stack’s dedicated USB-C output for charging compatible laptops with up to 1.7 MacBooks worth of power.
Big Stack’s USB outputs are perfect for charging iPads and other tablets.
Game Consoles
Super Stack is compatible with portable gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch.
Other Electronics
Big Stack’s USB outputs can also be used to charge devices such as digital cameras or portable speakers.

The Nolii Difference

Super Stack After
Super Stack Before

Tech Specs

Big Stack
USB-A - All phones and USB-A devices.
USB-C - All USB-C devices e.g. MacBooks.
Super Stack - 143mm x 73mm x 50mm
Big Stack Only - 143mm x 73mm x 39mm
Little Stack Only - 143mm x 73mm x 11mm
Super Stack - 685g
Big Stack Only - 500g
Little Stack Only - 185g
Soft touch finish, PC, TPU cord , LED
Big Stack
Charging Input - USB-C: 5-20V / 3A
Output - 1 x USB-C: 5-20V / 3A Max 60W
2 x USB-A: 5V / 2.4A Max 12W
Capacity - 20,000mAh 14.8V 74Wh
Little Stack
Charging Input - USB-C: 5V / 2.1A
Output - Qi 5W
Capacity - 5,000mAh 3.7V 18.5Wh
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